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Hawaii Food and Wine Festival 

This 2019 campaign ran before during and after the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival.  We stayed for 3 nights at the Ka’anapali Ali’i, enjoyed incredible dishes at the Wicked Plates event at the Sheraton, fun with the kids at Keiki in the Kitchen, and dish after dish of remarkable pasta’s at the Pasta La Vista dinner. We also managed to do a quick Parasail with UFO Parasail!  We accomplished quite a bit in the 3.5 days we stayed on the west side of Maui, Hawaii.

People Reached

Here are the numbers of people reached during the two week long campaign.  We likely reached over 1 million people with our posts (we also used our strong Twitter and Pinterest accounts too), and will continue to reach visitors for as long as we keep our article and videos alive.

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We have well over 1 million total followers! (last updated March 2022)

 Most of our followers are for the island of Maui, but we have strength growing with our Oahu followers and even Bali followers.

We also have many strong visitor websites that share information about all the major Hawaiian Islands. 

Our growth is slow and stead because we believe in building a community of target visitors that are devoted to Hawaii.  It's working!

Let us share your business or event with our dedicated audience of Hawaii lovers.

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